I am a PhD student working in the Experimental Clinical Psychology Group, Department of Psychology I, Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg, Germany. I do research in the field of social and affective neuroscience and I want to contribute to the understanding of the aetiology and maintenance of psychological disorders, particularly social anxiety. I am hereby interested in learning about advanced research methods like mobile measurements and virtual reality to examine (mal)adaptive approach and avoidance behavior in social contexts with high ecological validity. With a background in both psychology and computer science, I am passionate about leveraging the synergy between these fields for societal benefit. I am experienced in conducting psychological experiments, analyzing and visualizing data, as well as presenting and publishing results. Currently, I am learning a lot about neural signal processing, machine learning-based approaches, and virtual reality as a research method.

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  • Social and Affective Neuroscience
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Technology Acceptance
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems, 2018-2022

    University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt

  • Master of Science in Psychology, 2018-2020

    Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 2015-2018

    Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg